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In the media:
Posted April 5, 2016
"Boot Camp - Tired of the same old keyboard. Meet TREWGrip. I’m Fred Fishkin with technology BootCamp, a report on gadgets and gear. When it comes to keyboards for computers and tablets, nearly all are pretty much the same. Not so with TREWGrip…spelled t r e w g r i p. You hold it up in the air with two hands….it can also double as a game controller or air mouse…"
Posted March 9, 2016
"IDG Connect - TREWGrip has had something of a tumultuous journey. When we first spoke to founder Mark Parker, he described his mobile-docking-station-come-keyboard as a 'two-handed mobile and ergonomic data-entry device that changes how we work and interact with everything from mobile devices to Smart TVs.'”
Posted March 8, 2016
"CIO Review - Portability is a term which is synonymous to the present world. In a fast paced life, people prefer multi-tasking on the go. And like people, technology too is becoming multipurpose. A testimony to this is the R&D kit from TREWGrip, named TREWGrip Mobile Dock."
Posted March 7, 2016
"Boot Camp - Interview with TREWGrip Founder Mark Parker."
Posted March 1, 2016
"Creativity Hacker - But TREWGrip completely avoids that problem, because the designers did something no other keyboard I’ve ever seen has thought to do: they preserved the traditional QWERTY layout."
Posted July 7, 2015
"Voices of VR Podcast - Doing text and data entry into virtual or augmented reality can be a challenge since it’s difficult to see or find the keyboard. It’s an open problem within the VR space, and so people started suggesting to Mark Parker that his handheld TREWGrip keyboard might provide a solution for these immersive technologies."
Posted May 5, 2015
"Cincinnati, OH - When Mark Parker and his team created the TREWGrip Mobile Dock, a mobile keyboard featuring a 'rear typing' design, his goal was come to the aid of the large number of professionals, specifically those in the healthcare field, who spend the workday on their feet. He was unaware that many of those same healthcare professionals would recommend his product to their patients."
Posted March 9, 2015
"The Vancouver Sun - Digital Life writer Gillian Shaw takes a look at the new TREWGrip. The TREWGRIP is a handheld keyboard and game controller with a split QWERTY keyboard so you can hold it in your hands to type or play games."
Posted March 6, 2015
"Digital Life - Στο ShowStoppers event που πραγματοποιήθηκε στο πλαίσιο του MWC στη Βαρκελώνη παρουσιάστηκαν ορισμένα καταπληκτικά gadgets, τα οποία αν μη τι άλλο διακρίνονταν για τον καινοτόμο χαρακτήρα τους. H εταιρεία TREWGrip παρουσίασε ένα καινοτόμο προϊόν το οποίο αναμένεται να λύσει τα χέρια όλων όσων θέλουν να πληκτρολογούν με μεγάλη ταχύτητα αλλά και άνεση με το smartphone τους."
Posted March 3, 2015
"heise online - Tasten auf der Unterseite einer gebogenen Tastatur als Eingabegerät für Smartphones und Tablets? Klingt abwegig, funktioniert aber erstaunlich gut."
Posted March 2, 2015
"iPhoneItalia - Al Mobile World Congress 2015 di Barcellona è apparso un interessante gadget che potrebbe servire agli utenti che scrivono molto con il proprio smartphone, ma non solo. Parliamo di TrewGrip, una nuova tastiera portatile dal design molto particolare."
Posted March 2, 2015
"Global Technology - As people enter text using the phone every day an increasing number of keyboard requirements are also increasing. Because of the limited size of the phone screen, enter the experience has been less than ideal. To solve this problem, TrewGrip has launched a mobile-specific external iOS and Android smart mobile devices, handheld keyboard."
Posted February 7, 2015
"TechPodcast - TREWGrip provides an efficient solution that combines the best aspects of mobile devices with the easier to use keyboards that come with computers..."
Posted January 16, 2015
"aNewDomain - We’ve seen our share of Bluetooth keyboards for phablets, tablets and even our mobile phones in recent years. I shared my experience on a Bluetooth keyboard I’ve used. There’s a slew of Bluetooth keyboards for tablets, but please. There has to be a compelling reason for consumers to buy yet another one. In comes TREWGrip with an interesting twist. Here’s our bottom line..."
Posted January 9, 2015
"Into Tomorrow is back in Las Vegas for the 2015 International CES. Dave Graveline interviews Mark Parker from TREWGrip keyboard for mobile devices."
Posted July 23, 2014
"The Ohio-based TrewGrip plans to ship its namesake mobile keyboard this fall and is already taking preorders. I got a chance to try out a prototype of the TrewGrip in advance of its fall release, spending a few days familiarizing myself with this backward approach to typing. The verdict? The TrewGrip definitely offers a creative way to make it easier to type in text on your smartphone or tablet."
Posted June 25, 2014
"NEW YORK (CBS New York) — A wild looking keyboard called ‘trew grip’ works with everything from your smartphone to your TV."
Posted May 24, 2014
"The next evolution in typing is here. TREWGrip is the keyboard accessory that’s making typing on the go easier than ever. Learn more about the handheld “rear-type” keyboard from Founder and CEO Mark Parker."
Posted May 22, 2014
A company called TREWGrip, which makes a handheld rear-type keyboard and air mouse, is the first to offer crowd discounts...
Posted April 10, 2014
"CES on the Hill, an invitation-only event produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, returns to the nation’s capital on Wednesday, April 30. This curated tech showcase provides policymakers the opportunity to interact with the technology companies and products that are transforming the way we live, work and play..."
Posted February 26, 2014
"Dayton, OH - TREWGrip, LLC, the grand winner of Fund My Idea! received a waived $500 fee from TEC to access its various entrepreneurial services..."
Posted February 14, 2014
"Into Tomorrow - This is a compilation of products and services that Dave Graveline and the “Into Tomorrow” Team selected as our Top Ten Picks for CES 2014..."
Posted February 6, 2014
"Freedom's Phoenix - Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock talks to TREWGrip Founder Mark Parker..."
Posted January 30, 2014
"Yahoo Tech - TrewGrip is a handheld keyboard that places your keys on the back of your gadget. You have two options: You can either strap your smartphone to the front..."
Posted January 14, 2014
"WCPO Cincinnati - Developed in Blue Ash, the device turns the flat, traditional keyboard into a mobile-friendly tool for life and work in the digital age..."
Posted January 10, 2014
"NBC News - Mobile typists usually have to settle for touch keyboards or small plastic add-ons, but the folks behind TrewGrip are looking to change that. The TrewGrip literally flips the lid on traditional keyboard design..."
Posted January 9, 2014
"Cincinnati Business Courier - A Cincinnati startup is getting some love in Las Vegas, nominated for an award by a big online tech publication at the Consumer Electronics Show..."
Posted January 9, 2014
"Wall Street Journal - The WSJ Personal Tech team combs the Consumer Electronics Show for the craziest, coolest, and best products..."
Posted January 8, 2014
"CNN - Some of the best gadgets at CES are the weirdest. The Mobile QWERTY keyboard from TrewGrip takes the traditional computer keyboard, splits it, flips it and puts it on the back of a hand-held keyboard, where you will press them without looking..."
Posted January 8, 2014
"Discovery Channel - We're here at Eureka Park where it's all about innovation..."
Posted January 7, 2014
"Phandroid - The TREWGrip keyboard will catch your eye immediately. It’s definitely not slim or svelte. It’s somewhat large, has an accordion-like form factor, and looks unlike other products on the market..."
Posted January 6, 2014
"Wired - This bizarre looking keyboard is TREWGrip, a device-agnostic, ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Imagine a QWERTY keyboard, split in half, each half rotated outward 90 degrees, and your mobile device docked in the center..."
Posted January 6, 2014
"CNET - A whole new take on the keyboard..."
Posted January 6, 2014
"Macworld - The TrewGrip keyboard for phones and small tablets takes a standard QWERTY keyboard, splits it in two and flips it around, so that you type as if you're holding a steering wheel..."
Posted January 6, 2014
"Chicago Tribune - Robert Price of TREWGrip LLC demonstrates a TREWGrip handheld rear-type keyboard and air mouse for Apple and Android tablets. Instead of having to rely on your thumbs..."
Posted January 5, 2014
"LA Times - Among the odder offerings is TREWGrip, an in-the-works keyboard that is held upright like a steering wheel. The keyboard was designed specifically for small tablets..."
Posted January 5, 2014
"GeekWire - Finding that perfect physical keyboard for your mobile device can be a pain and TrewGrip thinks it has a great solution. The company’s handheld keyboard straps onto a smartphone or tablet and features a full QWERTY layout, albeit in a unique place..."
Posted January 5, 2014
"The Verge - TrewGrip's Kickstarter campaign failed to reach its $100,000 goal, but that doesn't mean its founders have given up on their dream of bringing "rear typing" to the masses. TrewGrip today debuted its titular product, ..."
Posted January 4, 2014
"Las Vegas, NV - Oftentimes lost in ocean of new tech are the young startups behind some of these most innovative products. It’s not just the Samsung’s, Sony’s, and Microsoft’s making a splash – hungry startups from all over the world head to Vegas ready to disrupt."
Posted December 18, 2013
"TECHFASTER: CES 2014 Editors Picks - This strange looking device is the TREWGrip mobile keyboard. Their website describes the device as a handheld 'rear-typing' device and air mouse for your mobile technology, smart TV and desktop.”
Posted October 12, 2013
"IDG Connect - Crowdfunding sites are offering a new path for inventors with original ideas. We talk to inventors looking to gain the public’s favor with something new to offer. Is this a business of the future?"
Posted September 10, 2013
"WCPO Channel 9 News - Cincinnati-based Outlier Technologies developed the prototype for the mobile keyboard. Your device attaches in the center and you type on the backside. It also means you can work on the go without being forced to sit at your desk."
Posted August 25, 2013
"El Pais - Un empresario de Estados Unidos crea un periférico curvo, con la botonera en la parte inferior y compatible móviles y tabletas"
Posted August 14, 2013
"MidwestValleyNews - The QWERTY keyboard layout must feel as familiar as baseball in the summer to the vast majority of people in this age..."
Posted August 13, 2013
"BitRebels - Most of you will probably think this is yet another attempt to reinvent the keyboard..."
Posted August 13, 2013
"TDG - Sending out short messages using the touch screen of a smartphone is relatively easy. It becomes difficult when trying to compose lengthy messages..."
Posted August 12, 2013
"Mobility Tech Zone - Outlier Technology wants to end the pain of hunt-and-peck typing on tablets and mobile phones with its new mobile typing device..."
Posted August 12, 2013
"CNET - The curved TrewGrip is a "rear-type" keyboard that can dock with an iPhone or other mobile device for text input on the go..."
Posted August 7, 2013
"TabletNews - One of the initiatives on Kickstarter that involve a tablet is TREWGrip Mobile, that is basically a handheld typing device and air mouse for handsets and tablets, smart TVs and even desktops. It’s not exactly a keyboard..."
Posted July 26, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - Some of the fastest fingers in the tri-state got a work out on Thursday evening. The Cincy Typing Challenge had contestants competing..."
Posted July 25, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - The Cincy Typing Challenge Finals were held Thursday at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Seven finalists from Saturday’s public competition met in head to head competitions. Robert Price, of East Walnut Hills..."
Posted July 18, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - At first, the idea of a typing contest may strike you as a throwback. But, in the digital age millions of us spend more time at keyboards than we might have predicted. So, it could actually be an opportune moment..."
Posted July 14, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - Cincinnati is gearing up for a rematch. In the first-ever professional typewriting contest, held in the Queen City 125 years ago, our own Louis Traub was bested by touch-typer Frank E. McGurrin. The results..."
Posted July 12, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - If a device allowed you to type on your smartphone or tablet as fast as you could on your keyboard while walking, no less, would you use it? That's the hope of Mark Parker, president and founder of Blue Ash..."
Press releases:
Posted February 17, 2016
"CINCINNATI, OH - TREWGrip today released enterprise mobility research and development kits featuring the TREWGrip Mobile Dock, a handheld, rear-type keyboard with built-in air mouse and game control capabilities. The R&D kits are designed for innovators and early adopters working on developing more productive enterprise mobility solutions. The Mobile Dock works seamlessly with existing technology..."
Posted February 9, 2016
"CINCINNATI, OH - TREWGrip, LLC today announced two new distribution partnerships that will help the company expand its reach into the ergonomic marketplace. Ergo Works, Inc. and ErgoCanada will market and sell the TREWGrip Mobile Dock, the first handheld, rear-type keyboard and air mouse that allows people to comfortably enter data using all 10 fingers while sitting, standing or moving around..."
Posted April 13, 2015
"CINCINNATI, OH and CHICAGO, IL - In today's healthcare environment, documentation has never been more important. Productively and efficiently capturing that data, without negatively impacting patient interaction, is a challenge facing many healthcare professionals. For the first time at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference and to the healthcare community..."
Posted January 5, 2015
"CINCINNATI, OH and LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 5, 2015) - TREWGrip will unveil a first article sample of its rear-type handheld keyboard, air mouse and game controller at International CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 6-9, 2015 at the Sands Hotel and Casino..."
Posted December 9, 2014
"CINCINNATI, OH and LAS VEGAS, NV - December 9, 2014 - TREWGrip founder and President Mark Parker has been invited to participate in a startup roundtable discussion at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) in Las Vegas. Parker joins the founders of Unikey and FitBark in "From Startup to CE Sensation" to discuss what it takes for a startup to move beyond the development phase..."
Posted May 28, 2014
“TREWGrip is the perfect example of why the program exists. The keyboard has been well received and in demand since the introduction of the first prototype. The company wants to bring down the price of the device so it’s more accessible to the mobile masses..."
Posted January 2, 2014
"CINCINNATI and LAS VEGAS – January 2, 2014 – TREWGrip, a new handheld QWERTY rear-type keyboard, will make its international debut at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas January 7-10, 2014. TREWGrip delivers a universal experience for working on a desktop computer, walking around with a mini tablet or smartphone, and controlling a Smart TV."
Posted December 20, 2013
TREWGrip is exhibiting as part of Eureka Park (The Venetian, booth 73412), which is “the premier CES destination where retailers, venture capitalists, manufacturers and other key attendee groups will find budding entrepreneurs, fledgling startups and home grown innovations.”
Posted August 6, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - Outlier Technologies today launched a Kickstarter campaign to further the development of TREWGrip, a patent-pending mobile QWERTY rear-type..."
Posted July 23, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - The Cincy Typing Challenge, presented by TREWGrip, Inc., today announced the eight contestants who will compete for the $5,000 grand prize at the Finals of the speed typing competition..."
Posted June 24, 2013
"Cincinnati, OH - The Cincy Typing Challenge brought to you by TREWGrip, today launched the Celebrity Speed Typing Challenge, an online by-invitation typing contest that will benefit WordPlay, a Cincinnati nonprofit..."
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